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CREEM Magazine July 1975

The legendary Lester Bangs profiles Alice Cooper: "I'm riding with Alice Cooper in the limousine which will take us to his plane when a blues song by Howlin' Wolf comes on the radio. "Oh, shit," he groans. "Get that crap off! God, I hate the blues." I suggest that he do a blues album someday. Drinking muddy water and sleeping in a hollow log are not so very different, after all, from some of the other humiliations his stage persona's endured. "Yeah," he says, and begins improvising a 12-bar deathless right on the spot: " 'I scraped out my underwear. . .' " Once in the air, however, he brightens up considerably. Slipping on his 77 Sunset Strip horn-rimmed shades, he pops open another Budweiser, asks to be dealt in blackjack, and says, "Wow, do I feel great today. Like Gardner in Adventures in Paradise."

Plus Rock and Roll News, Harry Nilsson gets drunk with The Beatles, and a few more surprises! Click the images below for the expandable gallery!

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